Rick Rubin: The Creative Act

Ich konnte die Stimme von Rick Rubin beim Lesen in meinem Kopf hören, zumindest für das erste Drittel des Buches. Calmn and Collected sozusagen. Leider war es nach der Hälfte etwas weniger persönlich und fühlte sich für mich etwas zu steif an. Waren dennoch interessante 400 Seiten die kreative Menschen sicher interessant finden.

Hier noch einige Textpassagen, die ich mir gern merken würde…

  • Distraction is not procrastination. Procrastination consistently undermines our ability to make things. Distraction is a strategy in service of the work.
  • What’s considered art is simply an agreement. And none of it is true.
  • … patience begins with acceptance of natural rhythms.
  • Zoom in and obsess. Zoom ou and observe. We get to choose.
  • You can train for anything … By practicing to improve, you are fulfilling your ultimate purpose on this planet.
  • Each day is about showing up, building things, breaking them down, experimenting, and surprising ourselves.
  • The magic comes from a dynamic tension between different points of view … Healthy tension in a collaboration is not uncommon.
  • However you frame yourself as an artist, the frame is too small.

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