Six Months with ChatGPT: My Professional LLM Journey and Daily Life


The annual neighborhood street fest is always a highlight, a casual get-together that often fosters discussions ranging from neighborhood gossip to deeper, more impactful topics. This year, a casual joke about AI soon steered the conversation towards something profound—the transformative potential of Language Learning Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. My friend Martin was so moved by its inception that he admitted to nearly crying, asking, „Do you even understand what this freaking awesome tech means?“ Finding another soul who shares this awe made me realize I’m not alone in understanding the enormity of what we’re dealing with. Here some random thoughts around the topic. I would love to hear your comments…

Why Language Models Matter: One Professional Perspective

With a career spanning over 20 years in marketing and design, my days are jam-packed with decisions about creating compelling visuals and determining the right medium to engage audiences. The creative process has always been a labor of love, but articulating complex ideas? That’s a different story. Enter ChatGPT, which has shattered this bottleneck, enabling me to draft intricate one-pagers, project proposals, and much more at the drop of a hat. The result? A „tenfold“ increase in productivity, allowing me to focus on what I do best—designing, visualizing, and executing projects.

The „Magic“ in My Everyday Life

ChatGPT isn’t just a professional lifesaver; it’s also a personal oracle. From drafting a paper on circular economy that metamorphosed into a strategic goal for my company, to dissecting complex geopolitical topics like the wars in Ukraine and Israel, ChatGPT has been invaluable. It condenses intricate issues into digestible pieces, allowing me to be better informed and articulate. In a world drowning in information, having a tool that can succinctly summarize and interpret complex topics is invaluable.

Benefits in a Professional Environment

Imagine the potential when LLMs become a trusted part of the corporate ecosystem, where proprietary data and internal communications merge with the analytical power of machine learning. Instant, AI-generated „one-click environment reports“ could revolutionize industries, and not just for data consolidation. The possibilities extend to fields as diverse as biotech, where LLMs could speed up research, and psychology, where they could serve as preliminary diagnostic tools or even therapists‘ aides. The future is a canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of this technology.

One more example – The Blind Spot: What’s Missing in Current Curricula

Our educational system is woefully outdated in preparing our kids for this brave new world. From kindergarten to the German Abitur, the syllabus remains almost frozen in time. Forget up-to-date technology; there’s not even room for current history. That’s why, as a parent, I find myself taking the reins. My kid wrote a story and interact with ChatGPT, learning to fine-tune her requests for optimal results. This early interaction with AI is shaping kids to be adaptive, versatile thinkers – we should embrace tech early on.

Future Forecast

The word of the day is „transparency.“ Companies and organizations that embrace this philosophy are poised for success; those that don’t risk falling by the wayside. It’s not just about OpenAI or any other big tech company; it’s about a societal shift towards openness and shared knowledge. We, the early adopters, can spearhead this movement by openly talking about and using these technologies. For anyone worried about the „gatekeepers“ in education or elsewhere, remember that change is a collective effort. I’m doing my part by using this technology to its fullest, sharing my experiences, and educating my kids.

So, are you in?

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